Article 50

Many residents have contacted me about the Supreme Court and Article 50. It is expected that a judgement will be made in the coming days about whether this issue needs to come before Parliament once again. 

I fully support the Prime Minister and believe that the Government has the right to invoke Article 50. After all, on June 24th, the result at the ballot box was crystal clear. Britain voted to leave the European Union. All politicians, regardless of their personal preferences, must now respect the democratic will of the people. 

If the Supreme Court rules against the Government and requires that a further vote in the House of Commons takes place, then I am confident that Theresa May will act quickly to ensure that Britain remains on course to leave the European Union by the end of 2019. There will be no prevaricating. There will be no delays. There will be no blocking Brexit. Regardless of what the nine Lib Dem MPs may say - or what Labour's 'policy of the day' may be - I am sure that there will be a decisive majority of MPs who support the Prime Minister's position and vote to trigger Article 50.  I will certainly be one of them.

Britain leaving the European Union is a real opportunity to reclaim our sovereignty. It means taking back control of our borders and establishing free trade partnerships with some of the fastest growing countries in the world. It also means that our politicians in Westminster will be entirely responsible for law-making in the UK, and fully accountable to British voters. Politicians from all parties, and both Leave and Remain sides, should remember this if they are asked to vote on Article 50. The British public have had their say, now the politicians must act to implement that decision.