Brexit Deal update October 2019

Many constituents have contacted me about the new Brexit deal, and I wanted to give you an update.

It will not surprise many of you to learn that I support Brexit. As you will have seen, the Prime Minister has been working extremely hard to find a way through the Gordian Knot that are the Brexit negotiations so we can get Brexit done and move on. So many people said that he could not persuade the EU to reopen the backstop, let alone agree a new deal but he has done so. He has proven his doubters wrong.


The Prime Minister has negotiated a new deal with the EU that ensures the country takes back control of its borders, laws, trade and money. There is an implementation period, but I think this gives business the reassurance and the stability that they need.


I voted for the deal.  I support it because:

•  it gets Brexit done.

•  it ensures that will leave the single market, the customs union and the jurisdiction of the ECJ. We will once again be able to make our own free trade deals and we will no longer be bound by EU law.

•  The backstop has been abolished and Northern Ireland will remain in the UK’s customs territory.

•  The Political Declaration states clearly that the future relationship between the UK and our continental partners will be based on free trade and friendly cooperation.


This deal delivers on that referendum result so that the Government can focus on people’s priorities such as the NHS, education and tackling crime.  It was approved on Second Reading but the programme motion was defeated.  The Bill therefore did not proceed.


We need to deliver on the referendum result by ensuring we leave the EU as soon as possible. We have delayed long enough.  I continue to support the Prime Minister in his mission to get Brexit done as soon as possible.