Protecting Our Rural Areas

As a resident in rural Dorset, Michael understands the challenges and opportunities of living in the countryside. He is keen to ensure that our rural areas are protected, whilst also providing enough housing for people who wanting to live here.


Mid Dorset and North Poole is a mixture of urban, suburban and rural areas. Alongside the more urban parts, it has the market towns of Wimborne and Wareham, and many villages spread across the Dorset countryside. These beautiful places are an important part of what makes Dorset special, and why so many people come to visit. I want to support our rural residents, making sure they have access to fast broadband, public transport, and great schools. I also want to support our farming community and rural businesses.

One of the challenges is making sure there is housing for people who want it, but that it is in the right place, with the right infrastructure to support it. I have always stood up for protecting our green belt, including previously chairing an action group against inappropriate overdevelopment before I became an MP. Where houses are needed, they should always be on brownfield sites first, before any consideration of building on green fields.