Indicative Votes March 2019

Last night there were indicative votes in the House of Commons. 

These votes were on a set of scenarios that were selected by the speaker in advance of the debate. I studied the selected scenarios very carefully. I have listened and corresponded with constituents assiduously throughout our journey out of the European Union. I remain determined that the will of the constituency, and of the whole of the United Kingdom, namely to leave the European Union must be honoured.

During the indicative votes I voted against anything that would delay or prevent our exit from the European Union. Most importantly I voted to ensure that we leave the European Union as soon as is practicably possible, and without further delay. I do not believe that it is in anyone’s interest to prolong uncertainty further for residents and businesses alike.

I will continue to do all I can to deliver a successful Brexit, and ensure we can move on as a country to tackle the many important issues both to me and my constituents.