Attending a three-day work experience period at the constituency office of Michael Tomlinson Member of Parliament for Mid Dorset and North Poole was a concentrated insight into the work Michael does both in London and whilst in the Constituency. We were given a personal familiarisation with how his office works and the roles of both full time and part time employees. The opportunity arose to be more practical in the preparation of surveys to be sent to community members to aid Michael and his team on where best to concentrate their time and what issues most need their attention. We were also given the opportunity to write passages to accompany pictures on Michael's social media pages and draft potential responses to issues that were being raised by constituency members.

The final day was all-inclusive as we attended a pop-up street stand in Canford heath with Michael where we witnessed his interacting with constituency members and answering questions. Here we got a clearer understanding of the issues that are present in our area and saw how he conversed with genuine empathy and respect. We were not deprived of understanding his role whilst in London as he assisted us as we debated a proposition of our choosing giving guidance on how the propositions of potential policy's and issues would be assessed and amended in parliament. This gave the experience a complete feel for the roles and responsibilities of a Member of Parliament both in and outside the constituency. M

The work experience opportunity offered to myself by Michael Tomlinson MP and his team has left me far more knowledgeable about how much correspondence is necessary for the maintenance of the constituency office and the great amount of care that is present within the team and Michael for the people of the constituency. There is an ever present focus on detail and personality highlighted by the great deal of work I witnessed being channelled into responding to queries, telephone conversations and physical meetings with constituents all given a parallel amount of sincerity and attention.