Michael meets military veteran

Michael was delighted to meet Alan White, a local ex- Royal Marine. Alan has been selected  as one of 72 military veterans to represent the UK in October's Invictus Games in Sydney.

Alan suffered extensive back injuries while training, leaving him paralysed in his right leg, and wheel chair bound. He later had both hips replaced but still has no feeling in his right leg. He learned to walk again, but after serving for 22 years, was unable to return to the Marines.

Last year Alan was chosen to participate in the Warrior Games in Chicago and won a gold medal in shotput. In Sydney he will be participating in Hand Cycle, Seated Volleyball, Discus, Shotput and Swimming.

Michael said "It's a very impressive achievement to be selected for the Invictus Games, and Alan has worked extremely hard to be so fit for these events. I know that he has been fundraising for a new bike, and I'm really pleased that the British Legion are supporting him. I look forward to congratulating him when he wins for us in Sydney in October!"