Working hard for Upton

Michael Tomlinson joined County Council Candidate Mike Fry and Dorset Conservation Volunteers (DCV) cutting holly in Upton Wood. 

DCV noted that the holly had become rather abundant under the tree canopy, suppressing plants on the woodland floor and creating dense thickets that visitors could find intimidating. Selective cutting provides a more varied structure to the woodland and allows other woodland plants and young trees to grow. The area is well used by Upton residents and it is anticipated that the work will be much valued in helping to maintain and improve the mix of wildlife habitats.

Michael Tomlinson said, "It was excellent to be out and about on a chilly Saturday morning, helping out with Dorset Conservation Volunteers.  This sort of community project is both good fun, and it saves the tax payer money.  Projects such as this one helps Purbeck District Council save tens of thousands of pounds in fees, which would otherwise have to be paid to get the job done.  It also taught me a thing or two about conservation and Upton Wood in particular."