Peoples' Vote

I don't believe that we need a second referendum, nor would it be right to remain in the European Union. The British people have already had a referendum and expressed their desire to leave the EU. Delaying our exit from the EU for a second vote could undermine trust in our democratic system and frustrating the result could damage social cohesion.


The ballot paper presented voters with an unambiguous choice to remain in the EU or to Leave. The consequences of either decision were communicated by campaign groups through a variety of print, audio-visual and digital media. 


The Government also sent a document to every household in the UK on the benefits of staying in the EU. The people were promised that, "[t]his is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide." It is vital that politicians act upon that referendum result.


Whether we passionately agree on this subject or respectfully disagree, this is my view and I will continue to do all I can to deliver a successful Brexit, either with an amended deal, or with a Clean Global Brexit.