Proroguing Parliament

Our current Parliamentary session has lasted longer than any in almost 400 years, and parliamentarians on both sides of the political divide have called for a Queen’s Speech.

This requires that Parliament be prorogued for a period to prepare for the new session and allow the State Opening to occur.

This Queen’s Speech will focus on helping the NHS and fighting violent crime. It will also set out plans to build infrastructure and to support science. This is something that I support.

While Parliament will be prorogued for a time, the Commons will have the opportunity to debate Brexit, and any new deal that the Prime Minister brings back from the crucial European Council meeting on the 17th and 18th of October.

Holding the State Opening on the 14th October means that MPs will be able to vote on the 21st and 22nd in the full knowledge of the position of negotiations with the EU.

As the constitutionalist AV Dicey said, all conventions have “one ultimate object, to secure that Parliament or the Cabinet … shall in the long run give effect to the will … of the nation”. That is what I am focused on – delivering on the will of the nation. 

I will continue to do all I can to deliver a successful Brexit. I do not believe that it is in anyone’s interest to delay further. This will simply increase uncertainty for residents and businesses alike.