Public Consultations

Changing Places Consultation

The government have launched a consultation seeking views on the proposal to mandate changing place facilities in specific new, large buildings visited by the public, including major refurbishments.

The consultation seeks views on the thresholds at which the facilities will be made mandatory in new or largely refurbished buildings of different types, such as overall floor space, visitor numbers or attendance capacity. It also seeks views on the size of Changing Places toilets as well as the range of equipment that must be included.

You can find the announcement of the launch as well as the consultation itself on the following links:…

 Deposit Return Scheme

The government are having a consultation to find out people's views on a deposit return scheme for drinks containers including bottles and cans.

The cost of the deposit would be added to the price of the drinks included in the scheme when they are purchased. This deposit would be redeemed when consumers return their empty drinks containers to a designated return point.

If introduced, the hope is that a deposit return scheme will increase recycling and reduce littering of drinks containers included in the scheme.

You can give your views through the website here:  




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Government Consultations

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Results from previous consultations

Local Council Changes

Councils across Dorset have consulted on changes to the structure of local government. There is more information and links to the results here:


Parliamentary Boundary Changes

The Boundary Commission for England is conducting a review of parliamentary constituencies, reducing the number of MPs to 600. To view the proposals, learn about the review and find out the results when they are published click here: