Thoughts in 2016

This is going to be the issue by which the 2015-2020 Parliament is defined.

I have been appointed to the European Scrutiny Committee.  This is an important Select Committee that scrutinises all legislation that is proposed to be effected in this country.  The sheer number of new laws that we consider is staggering, with up to 1,000 individual pieces of legislation or proposals considered by the Committee each year.  As the question of Brexit looms large during this Parliament, the Committee will be an important part of ensuring that we make a success of Brexit.

On that last point, the European Research Group (ERG) is being reformed.  I have been asked to be the Deputy Chairman, and the whole purpose of the ERG is to support the Prime Minister in making a success of Brexit.  This will be the group to watch over the next few years, as we help to support the Government and shape a positive vision of our Country outside the European Union.  Not turning our back on Europe, but simply rejecting the political union, and reclaiming our place as a global trading nation sitting at the centre of a new prosperity zone.  Watch this space.