Trade Union Act

The Trade Union Act.

I recognise that trade unions are valuable institutions, both in Dorset and across the country, and dedicated trade unionists have a strong history of working hard to represent their members, campaigning for improved safety at work and giving support to their members when it's needed. I believe it is only fair, however, that the rights of unions are balanced with the rights of hardworking taxpayers who rely on key public services.

The Act has had a good airing in Parliament with a lot of discussion time that I hope you found worthwhile. The aim of the Act to rebalance the interest of employers, employees and the public with the freedom of trade unions to strike. At present, it is the case that a small minority of union members can disrupt the lives of millions of commuters, parents, workers and employers at short notice and without clear support from the unions' members.


Because of the high impact on the normal life on a large group of people, I therefore believe it is completely sensible that such strikes only take place on the basis of a reasonable turnout and substantial vote in favour by those able to vote.