Upcoming Elections

On 6th May there are elections in Dorset to choose the new Police and Crime Commissioner. 

What does the PCC do?

The overarching role of a PCC is to deliver an effective and efficient police service in Dorset. This is achieved by holding the Force to account on behalf of local people. It is also up to the PCC to agree the annual policing budget, and decide the policing element of council tax. 

Who is standing for election?

The current Police and Crime Commissioner is standing down, and there are several candidates standing for election. The Conservative candidate is Dave Sidwick, and you can find out more about him on his website here. Michael has worked closely with Dave, and knows him well. He is extremely hard-working, and having lived here all his life he knows Dorset very well. 

Do I have to vote in person?

You can vote in person, or you can choose to vote by post. If you want to register to vote by post, you can do this with your local council. If you pay your council tax to BCP council, you can find out more details here and if you pay council tax to Dorset Council you can find out more details here 

If you want to register to vote by post, you must do this by Tuesday 20th April. If you become unwell or have to self-isolate due to coronavirus, you can ask for an emergency proxy vote after that date.