Michael is campaigning for fairer funding for our schools in Poole and Dorset. At present our schools are amongst the worst funded per pupil in the country. There is no rhyme or reason for it – this is just an historical anomaly. It is unfair and Michael is campaigning to change it.


As a former barrister, Justice is an issue in which I take a keen interest.  One of my passions is prisons reform, and ensuring that everyone upon release from prison has the opportunity to rebuild their lives, seek employment, a stable home and stop future offending.  This is an area where the G


Infrastructure is vital to all those who live, work and visit Dorset.  Michael is continuing his campaign for better infrastructure in Dorset.  He met recently with Highways England and will continue to work closely with neighbouring MPs, local authorities and the LEP to improve our roads.


Michael is the chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Youth Employment.  The Group meets each month and looks at good practice from across the country and highlights to relevant Ministers what is working and what could be improved.  At each session we examine the latest statistics on j

Helping Refugees

I have recently called on our local councils across Dorset to do everything that they can to prepare for people arriving from Syria as part of the ongoing refugee crisis.