Upholding Law & Order and Justice

As a former barrister, Michael has always had a keen interest in Justice and the law. As Mis Majesty’s Solicitor General, he was a key part of our Justice System.

As a former barrister, Justice is an issue in which I have always had a keen interest.  I work closely with Dorset’s Police and Crime Commissioner David Sidwick, and I am pleased with the work that is being done both locally and nationally to keep our communities safe.

As HM Solicitor General, I worked alongside the Attorney General. Our Department provided superintendence to the Government Legal Department, the Crown Prosecution Service, HM Crown Prosecution Service Inspectorate and the Serious Fraud Office. I reviewed hundreds of Unduly Lenient Sentences, and recommended they be referred back to the Court of Appeal for increasing. 


Defence Spending Increased - Have Your Say:

The Prime Minister recently announced the biggest strengthening of our national defence in a generation, with a fully funded plan to grow the defence budget to 2.5% of GDP by 2030. 

Michael Speaks to Border Force Officers

In his role of Minister for Countering Illegal Migration, Michael has visited a number of airports and ports to speak to Border Force Officers.

Meeting with Tunisian Delegation

The Home Secretary has been in America, and gave a speech about the British approach to global migration. International cooperation is a vital part of that work, so Michael recently met the Tunisian Ministry of the Interior. 

Michael said;

Michael sees Law Enforcement at Work

Part of Michael's role is ensuring that only those entitled to work here are doing so. The Government are determined to break the business model of the people smugglers,  but rogue employers and landlords threaten to undermine our efforts by encouraging illegal migration.

Michael Visits Dorset Police Marine Unit

As Minister for Countering Illegal Migration, Michael was invited to see at first hand the work of his local police force in reducing organised crime, and protecting our border.

Rwanda Bill Debates

As the Minister for Countering Illegal Migration, Michael summed up the Committee Stage debate in Parliament this week for the Safety of Rwanda Bill. He also answered questions about the policy during the two days of debating. 


Michael welcomes increased Sentence for reckless driver

As part of his work as Solicitor General, Michael reviews Unduly Lenient Sentences, and then can refer them back to the Court of Appeal for review. He recently referred the case of a driver who killed a young woman. The driver was driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs. 


Michael speaks at Bournemouth Crown Court

Michael was part of  Crown Court open day in Bournemouth, where he spoke about the Unduly Lenient Sentencing scheme, and its important place in the Criminal Justice System. 

Michael visits regional Lawyers

In his role as Solicitor General, Michael recently went on a Law Tour in the Midlands, North West and Wales with the Attorney General.