July News

As we head towards the summer many people start to think about their holidays. We are incredibly lucky here in Dorset that we are able to enjoy the beach throughout the year, whatever the weather. Please do ensure you follow the guidance of the lifeguards when on the beach, and take any litter home so we can all safely appreciate our beautiful coastline.  

I am a Vice Chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Bees, and there is a planned visit to Kew Gardens to see their multi award winning “Hive” exhibit. This is a multisensory exhibit which was inspired by scientific research into the health of honeybees. Bees and other pollinators play a vital role in in the security of our food supply and the quality of our natural environment. This is especially important in areas such as Dorset. I will continue to both work with our farmers, and support ways in which our bees are protected, to ensure a balanced approach to farming.

I recently held a Dementia Friends training session at our office for my staff and local councillors. We are keen to challenge stereotypes and stigma surrounding dementia. One in three adults over 65 will develop some form of dementia, and as a community we need to be aware and willing to support sufferers and their carers in any way we can. There are a number of groups and events open to those with dementia, including special dementia-friendly film showings at the cinema, dancing, gardening and singing clubs, and memory cafes. If you would like more information about any of these please contact Poole Well-being Collaborative on 01202 977073 or info@pwbcollaborative.org.uk  

I am very happy to support the “Hunt the House” campaign being promoted by Dorset Police and Crime Commissioner. This is encouraging residents to consider how visible their house numbers are. If there was ever an emergency, paramedics and first responders do not want to waste valuable minutes trying to find your house. This can be a significant issue, particularly at night.  Please do consider how identifiable your house is, and if necessary take action to make numbers or names easier to read.  

As I write this, the result of the referendum is not yet known. I hope that those of you who came to my information meetings found them useful. Whatever the outcome, there is no doubt that we are a great nation and that we will survive whether we remain or leave. We have risen to face great challenges in the past and will certainly do so again in the future.