Michael Tomlinson joins the fight against cancer

I recently paid a visit to a cancer research centre at Hammersmith Hospital, which specialises in the study and treatment of pancreatic and ovarian cancers to see the work being pioneered to help people throughout Dorset.

The team at Hammersmith, led by Professor Harpreet Wasan, has already had successes in developing clinical therapies based upon research conducted in the lab. 

As an active supporter and campaigner for Cancer Research UK it was great to see the work being done by Professor Wasan and his team and how it could save lives in his constituency of Mid Dorset and North Poole.


“Supporting the fight against cancer is something that has always been close to my heart. It’s vital that we make sure we have the best tools at our disposal so the people in Mid Dorset and North Poole get the best services on offer.  It was clear during my tour with Professor Wasan that his team are dedicated to getting the best survival rates possible against these aggressive forms of cancer.  A major focus at the Hammersmith Hospital is improving patient access to new and innovative treatments, which may benefit them beyond the effects of treatments that are already available.  More funding needs to be made available for research into these diseases. It was an honour to meet such a wonderful team and I will be making sure their work is recognised throughout Dorset.”