It has been an absolutely amazing experience to be here with Michael and the whole team from  Mid-Dorset and North Poole. It has opened up my eyes to the incredible hard work that is undertaken by each person and the dedication, passion and determination to do the best job possible for the constituents.

On the first day, I learnt all about what a constituency office does and how they work with members of our community in supporting them during some of their most difficult times. I was able to write to constituents about their issues of Michael’s behalf, update the website on what he has been up to as well as being introduced to the glamorous world of envelope stuffing!

On the second day, I was shown the technical side of operating a constituency office. Learning how to ensure everyone is kept up to date with Michael’s work and making sure nobody misses out on having their say.

On the last day, I was able to attend a community tea party with Michael at Lockyer’s Middle School, meeting with the young people and hearing about what they have been doing during their activities week. I was also able to meet and chat to governors of the school, as well as members of Corfe Mullen Parish Council.

It has been a wonderful few days that has further inspired my passion to represent my community on a national scale as a Member of Parliament. Look out for Michael and I in the newspapers some day!